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How to Make Salt (Mineral) Brine for Livestock

August 23, 2021
  1. How to Make Salt (Mineral) Brine for Livestock
  2. Use an ancient sea salt, such as Kansas Grey, Redmond’s, or, for an even higher mineralization, use the Sea‑90. 
  3. Add a second watering tank right next to the fresh water. 
  4. For 100 head use a cloth bag and add 15‑20 pounds of salt and tie it shut. 
  5. Immerse the bag in the 300‑gallon second stock tank that has a float on it. 
  6. Cattle will free choice this brine water like a “treat” but should always have access to fresh water sources. 
  7. Most people continue to provide access to a high‑quality mineral source as well as a detox clay such as Desert Detox or Redmond’s conditioner. After two days discard any sediment in the bag and replenish it with new salt.

Steve calls this technique “Poor Man’s Kelp”. These techniques will work for any species of livestock; from poultry to small ruminants and swine. As you might expect, these techniques can also be of extreme value for the human condition. Dr. Murray determined that about 97% of all adult humans in his day had signs of chronic disease and degeneration. Not the least of which being cancer. It’s gotten worse. In his world‑wide studies of ocean environments and the plants and animals from the sea, he was stunned to find that there are virtually no diseases found in sea life! When he contrasted this to terrestrial plants and animals, the difference was graphic, sad, and stunning. We know that originally all the seas of the world were “fresh water” bodies of water and it was only the leaching of soils and deposits over the millennia that eventually made sea water “salty” as well as mineral‑rich. Our loss on land was the gain of the creatures of the ocean. Now that the oceans of the world have basically stabilized, we can see from the studies of Dr. Murray and many others that we can benefit greatly from the return of our minerals that are missing from the land.

The Sea Saved the Herd, Again and Again

Now switch to the British Islands. Each island notably surrounded by the sea. Back in the 1990s came the reports from English dairy farmer Mark Purdey. He believed that he was keeping his dairy herd healthy and wholesome by his regular application of tons of washed‑up seaweed from the nearby Cornish shores. It had been a tradition for centuries by the local farmers and basically everyone knew it was an essential part of farming in that area of the world. Throughout the good harvesting months, farmers continued to embellish their gardens, fields and certainly their livestock in this manner. The Purdey family remained loyal to this ancient tradition even though most neighbors had fallen off the wagon with the harvesting being very difficult to do, plus, it seemed “old‑fashioned” to many and therefore commonly written‑off as more of a “folk lore” superstition. Throughout several bad decades of epidemic levels of TB and brucellosis across England, the organic Purdey herd remained safe from a ll of these chronic infectious diseases. 

This, in spite of the fact that neighbors on all sides of him were experiencing deep troubles. They were being forced to have their herds shot and burned in sickening pyres of flesh. Any attempts to escape the consequences of this drastic “solution” became a punishable crime as per the government inspectors. After the government dispatch came down, even the Purdey dairy herd was exterminated by government sharpshooters not because they were sick or infected, they weren’t, but because they shared a fence with potentially diseased cattle! 

The Purdey’s survived this catastrophe and eventually renewed and continued their holistic herd management with a replacement herd. It was at this time that the outbreak of BSE (so‑called “Mad Cow Disease”) broke out all across England. Once again, the mighty medicine derived from the sea vegetables protected his herd from disaster. Angered by the violence and simplicity of the governmental approach, Mark began traveling the world to enlighten the public about the true etiology of such diseases as BSE. 

Throughout his years of travel and teaching, it was unfortunate that his family was physically unable to bring the weekly loads of sea kelp to the farm. After a year or so without their daily food supplement regimen, the Purdey herd was stricken by TB and brucellosis. This was more‑or‑less a proof of the protective powers that can come from the sea. Once Mark saw the damage, he returned to the farm and returned to the natural and ancient process of providing nutrition from the sea. Before long, all signs of disease disappeared! The exploration continues today and there are countless other stories that echo this basic truism. 

Everything a producer needs to protect his or her herd is available right here on earth, right now. It’s just a matter of restoring what once was. No silver bullets required.

Matt Buhmann

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