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Research and Advantages of Salt (Mineral) Brine for Livestock

August 23, 2021

This story is about giving minerals to plants, animals, and for that matter, us humans as well. And in particular, using those minerals found in natural ocean water. Nothing could be simpler.  

Everyone knows we can’t live without essential minerals but then after that, the theories start to get fuzzy about how best to maintain adequate levels. On the other hand, none other than Hippocrates himself, had declared during his career, and who has been described as the "The Father of Western Medicine", that there isn't an illness on earth that can't be eventually tracked back to some soft of nutritional deficiency. So, what's the answer?


Back in the late 1930’s the concept of the healing powers of sea water attracted the attention of Dr. Maynard Murray, biochemist, research scientist, and medical doctor. His work continued throughout many subsequent decades and his amazing body of scientific research was heavily featured in Acres USA magazine. Charles Walters co-authored a book called Sea Energy Agriculture (this 1976 lost classic was recently reprinted and is available from acresUSA) In one experiment, Dr. Murray discovered that research mice don’t get cancer when fed a diet grown with sea minerals. Crops that were doctored with sea minerals, growing right next to identical but untreated plants, were resistant to blight, fungus, virus and almost all other production‑limiting conditions. 

Even though the majority of Dr. Murray’s work has been basically ignored by most agricultural institutes, the incredibly simple techniques still work just as he said it would. Luckily, several other astute scientists and producers have picked up the torch. A couple of them in particular have carried on this valuable work. Primarily and perhaps originally it was Robert Cain of Georgia who resumed sea mineral mining in the exact same beds that Dr. Murray used from the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico. His dehydrated sea water extracts, available from Sea‑Agri, are currently being sold as Sea‑90. This product is designed to be used on gardens, trees, fields and especially for livestock (there is a human‑edible table salt version as well that he calls Baja Gold). 

The other field researcher who has embraced this work is bovine geneticist Steve Campbell from Idaho. Steve took to heart the animal supplementation techniques and continues to have stellar successes. This flies in the face of the fact that most livestock producers continue to have a stubborn resistance to the notion of augmenting minerals and vitamins to livestock. The majority of these producers see mineral supplements as an “expensive” crutch that is being foisted upon them by mercenary salesmen. Fortunately, what you are about to read offers virtually nothing in the way of additional expenditures.


Focusing on the Campbell techniques, it has become more popular to many producers across the nation because it’s so simple! In addition, he is finding results primarily in these issues: 

Prevention and/or treatment of common illnesses such as pinkeye and foot rot. In one herd alone he was able to witness the rather miraculous resolution of a nasty pinkeye outbreak wherein 29 out of 30 healed without scarring or pain. 
Much better reproductive performance. Keeping both genders on the mineral brine for several months before breeding has been shown to consistently provide a generous payback in fertility, offspring survivability and growth.
Better development of genetic potential due to an enhanced epigenetic environment.
Elimination of toxins from the body. This is in addition to bringing in a balanced array of minerals that the body prefers.
Matt Buhmann

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