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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What species of livestock can Crafts-Min be fed to?

A: Crafts-Min can be fed to any species except for sheep. The copper is too high for them.

Q: How much Crafts-Min should livestock get? How much do they eat?

A: Crafts-Min should be fed free-choice to all livestock (except sheep) so they can get as much as they need, but usually consume 1-2 oz. per day per head.

Q: If I am a new farmer and I want a recommendation for a starter pack, what do you recommend?

A: We recommend starting off with the all-in-one livestock mineral, Crafts-Min as well as Kansas Rock Salt and Desert Dyna-Min Clay; all in separate compartments. If you need suggestions for how to physically feed those minerals, we have a mineral tub sled for sale as well.

Q: Is Crafts-Min or Salt Buddy certified Organic?

A: Yes, both of these are certified Organic and have the USDA Organic seal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Q: How much ACV should be fed to livestock? How should/can it be fed?

A: It will depend on the species but generally no more than 2-4 ounces. It can be mixed in their water, feed or poured onto hay.

Q: Does ACV affect sodium bicarbonate when mixed in a TMR?

A: No, it does not. Because ACV is a buffer just like sodium bicarbonate, it does not affect it at all.

Q: What is different between Heavy ACV and Normal ACV?

A: Heavy ACV is much thicker and has a lot more of the Mother in it. It has been proven to be healthier for livestock than normal ACV.

Salt/Salt Buddy

Q: What ratio of Salt Buddy to Salt do you feed?

A: 9 to 1, 90 lbs. Salt to 10 lbs. Salt Buddy for a total volume of 100 lbs.

Q: Do you carry C-90 Salt or Redmond’s Salt?

A: While these are both great salts to feed, we do not carry them. We recommend Kansas Rock Salt.


Q: Do you carry NB 56?

A: No, we do not. We carry Desert Dyna-Min Clay, which we would recommend instead.


Q: What helps with flies?

A: We have Ectophyte that is a natural fly/parasite concentrate. This will help with external parasites. Salt Buddy helps with internal and external parasites.