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Fly Control Protocol

This is the basic protocol we use for natural control, prevention and eradication of all fly problems. At Grass Farmer Supply, we encourage you to approach it with a holistic attitude, that is, by looking at every single reason flies are bugging you. 

~ Remember, flies are just another parasite, an external one. Everything listed here also helps rid other parasites too!  Both internal and external. That’s a nice bonus!

~ Not only are flies a nuisance, they cost you money! A typical case of 200-500 horn flies per animal will steal a 1/2 pint of blood a day, which will cost you at least 1/2 pound of daily gain or a half gallon of milk. Flies also transmit over 30 infectious diseases!

~ Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine states “All Disease Begins In The Gut”. Which includes parasites!  This means that there isn’t a disease that doesn’t go back to nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Francis Pottenger removed any doubt of the truth of this. Our holistic plan, therefore begins by making sure nutritional needs are met.

  In addition to good forages (year-round, high brix-10 or better, no mold, and lots of greens), supply high-quality free choice minerals. Repel all insects and worms with these critical traces: Copper, Sulfur, Iodine. These should be at high levels in your mineral mix. We recommend Crafts-Min for Cattle and Goats and we recommend Sheep Guardian for Sheep.

  It’s a well-documented fact that animals that have free-choice access to RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR are extremely resistant to flies and worms. New animals, weak animals or stressed animals should be allowed to drink all they want every day.
Following that, and when the flies have been knocked down, it’s safe to drop to the standard dosage range of 1 oz/200# of body weight.

  During heavy fly pressure: Add Salt Buddy to all your free-choice salt. This is 60% pure yellow sulfur with over 9000 ppm Iodine in a tasty base. Mix in 10# to every 100# of salt and keep giving it until the fly season is gone. Offer no other salt.

To get an instant knock-down w/o poisons:  We recommend a neem-oil livestock insect spray. There is nothing on the market that is stronger or more effective. A gallon of concentrate makes up to 10 gallons total when mixed with mineral or vegetable oil. If you have extreme fly problems, mix it stronger, like a gallon with only 3-4 gallons of oil.  Spray it on heavily, especially face, feet, shoulders and belly. A backpack sprayer usually works best. Then get some good oilers and put them near the mineral boxes (or the water source). Keep them drippy wet with the oil mix.