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Mineral Feeder Sled/Tub Combo

Mineral Feeder Sled/Tub Combo

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The Ultimate Mineral FeederThis unit is a perfect fit when you want to move your feed tub from paddock to paddock oracross the fruited plains.

Ideal for farmers that do grass fed beef where pasture rotation is part of the daily routine. Iinvented this sled after I got tired of having to lug the heavy tub full of mineral/salt aroundfollowing the moving cows.

The feeder sled is light weight, sturdy and easily glides over all types of terrain. Now all I have todo is hook the chain to my four wheeler and away we go! Although designed for minerals, the tubcan serve water or grains to all types of livestock.

Sled is made out of steel and the tub is an off the shelf commercial tub made of high impact poly.