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• Easy to use - Accurate - Test Takes About 1 Minute
• Compact and Portable, No Batteries - One Moving Part
• Durable Protective Case - Will Last Practically Forever
• Large Scale - Easy to Read
• Precision Machined Aluminum Barrel
• Monocular Eyepiece - Tight Focus

Why it’s critical to measure Brix levels:
The sap of a plant is like our blood. If it is watery and thin, that is an indication of poor health. Brix is similiar
to the sugar level of the sap, and controls the plant’s ability to take in sunlight and CO2. Through the
process of photosynthesis the plant converts sunlight into a long-chain of hydrocarbon (sugar). All the plant
phytonutrients, vitamins, hormones and thousands of other powerful components are created within the
living plant by combining chains of sugars. A low Brix rating in a plant will not provide the correct amount of
energy to the person or animal that eats it; nor will a low Brix plant have the necessary medicinal properties
that act as wormer’s, “antibiotics”, immune tonics, antioxidants and other vital nutrients.